Retiree Book Club July 6th 1pm in Community Room

Retiree Book Club meets Thursday July 6 at 1pm in the Community Room to discuss Patrick Lawrence O’Keeffe’s book Cold Air Return.  Eugene, at 12 discovers that he can listen in on the grownups. A cold air return register in his bedroom tied to ducts within the walls of his house, is a portal to the adult world around him. But that world puts severe demands on his innocence, suddenly forcing him to face concerns more mature that he is, and, ultimately, to confront the person within the him.  Cold Air Return is to be enjoyed on many levels. It is about tradition, prejudice, discovery, sex and cultural values.  “The story explores who we are, probing the essence of family, camaraderie, community, love, and even baseball.” -Nancy Durham, former non-fiction editor of the The Heartland Today.  The Kenilworth Branch Library is holding a supply of the books to lend out to book club members.  The author is the brother of parishioner Jim O’Keeffe.