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Adult Formation at St. Joseph University Parish

Getting Married

Saint Joseph University Parish welcomes couples planning their wedding ceremony. This is a joyous occasion and we are very pleased to assist you in your celebration of the sacrament. Here is a summary of the steps to follow for scheduling the wedding and completing the paperwork.

Who to Call
Couples should contact Fr. Jack Ledwon, the pastor, no less than 6 months before their wedding date to check on availability of dates and times for the ceremony. Fr. Jack can be reached at (716) 833-0298 x301 or you can use the contact form below (be sure to indicate your desired date).

The clergy will work with you to complete the paperwork and make all the necessary arrangements for your wedding. These are the next steps in the process:

1) Both of the engaged parties must call the church where they were baptized and request a current copy of their baptismal record. This is sent to the engaged person and then brought to the meeting when we start the paperwork. If one member was baptized in a Christian Church other than Catholic, that person also needs to obtain a baptismal record. If one member was never baptized, some additional paperwork will need to be completed when we meet.

2) If both parties are not members of the parish, one member must contact the parish where they are registered and obtain a “Permission to Marry” letter. Please have this letter sent to you and bring it to the first meeting with the priest or deacon handling your marital interviews.

3) Next you will attend the first of two meetings at the parish. During the first meeting, the required paperwork will be started and further details discussed. This takes about an hour and at that time a $150 deposit is required to hold your chosen date and time.

4) The parish offers a marriage preparation or “Pre-Cana” day several times throughout the year. An explanation of the process and scheduled dates will be provided to you.

5) After attending your marriage preparation program, a second meeting will be scheduled to complete the required paperwork.

6) Mentor Couples: Marriage preparation at St. Joseph University Parish engages the whole parish in welcoming couples preparing for marriage to our community. We assign all couples a “mentor couple” who will guide them through the preparation process and help acquaint you with the parish.

7) Musicians: Roland (Ron) Martin is our director of music for all weddings. He will work with you on the music for your ceremony and can make suggestions for hymns and other accompanying musicians and cantors.

We thank you for choosing St. Joseph University Parish. Please consider becoming a regular member of our community. We’d love to have you worship here with us.

For more information, contact Diane Brennan (716)833-0298 Ext. 310 or by clicking HERE

Confirmation for Adults

A program is offered for adults 21 and over who have been raised Catholic, but have not been confirmed. It consists of five sessions which provide an overview of church doctrine and Catholic core beliefs, prayer and spirituality, the ritual and theology of the sacraments, and the principles of Catholic social teaching and service. Classes are held in February and March and culminate with the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation in the spring. Please contact Diane Brennan @ Ext. 310 or by using the below form.

For more information, contact Diane Brennan (716)833-0298 Ext. 310 or by clicking HERE

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

“RCIA” is shorthand for the way the Catholic Church incorporates new adult members into its community. The letters are an acronym for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: the title of the Vatican II document that guides the process in which people are welcomed into the Catholic Christian community and introduced to the Catholic way of life. RCIA describes a gradual process of conversion that can take anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the certainty and readiness of each individual. The process includes instruction in what Catholics believe, but more than that it involves conversion to a new way of life in Christ. Through the process, people gradually learn what it means to be Catholic not just by hearing it, but experiencing Catholic life and worship from inside the parish community. Please contact Diane Brennan @ 833-0298 Ext.310 or by using the below form.

For more information, contact Diane Brennan (716)833-0298 Ext. 310 or by clicking HERE