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The NYS Catholic Conference just issued this [https/]Catholic Action Network (CAN) alert today to encourage network members to thank Governor Hochul and legislators for the increased funding for Catholic schools in the recently enacted budget. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the Catholic school community send as many thank you emails as we can, so I am asking you to do the following:


  1. Respond to the alert yourself by clicking here – –  and sending a prewritten email to the Governor and your State Legislators;
    1. You may need to enter your name and home address to complete this process – please choose “Education” as an “Area of Interest”.
  2. Ask your staff to do the same;
  3. Urge your school community to do the same by either forwarding my email or sending your own.


This is one of the easiest yet most effective means by which we can continue to build support for our schools among lawmakers.


Many thanks for participating and helping get the word out!