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Community at St. Joseph University Parish

While our society often exalts individualism, the Catholic tradition teaches that human beings grow and achieve fulfillment in community. We realize our rights and dignity through our relationship with others. We have a responsibility to participate in and contribute to the multitude of communities in society.

When making individual and collective decisions, we have a responsibility to consider the good of the whole community, over and above the interests of a few. We are one body: when one suffers, we all suffer.

Bereavement Committee.
The Bereavement Committee serves as a resource to families and friends grieving a loss. Grief support information, mailings and presentations on loss and an annual memorial service for the deceased are the responsibility of this committee. There are no formal meetings or grief support groups associated with this committee.

Funeral Service Hospitality.
Most of us have experienced losing someone we love to death. We know how much we appreciated any kindness done for us during that difficult time. To create a spirit of welcome and caring at our funeral services, we invite volunteers to serve as ministers of hospitality as family and guests arrive for the funeral service.

Nursing Home Visitation.
This group provides parishioners or members of a parishioner’s family with regular spiritual or social visits to help maintain a connection to the parish. These volunteers also communicate the resident’s spiritual needs to the pastoral staff when there is a greater need. Visits may be done individually or by members of an entire household.

Prayer Shawl Ministry.                                                                                                                                                     
Both seasoned and novice knitters and crocheters gather to create shawls and lap robes at a weekly afternoon or evening session. While working, the group prays for the Lord’s presence and healing for each shawl recipient. Completed shawls are blessed and given to those in need of healing in body, mind or spirit that they might be embraced by the shawl, cradled in hope, graced with peace and wrapped in love.


For information about serving in one of these ministries or to sign up, please fill out the Ministry Contact form by clicking HERE and someone will be in touch with you.