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Regularly-scheduled events include:

Habitat for Humanity

On the first and third Saturday of every month, parishioners and students are invited to take part in a Habitat for Humanity project. Habitat is a faith-based organization that builds, remodels, and sells houses to qualified home buyers who do “sweat equity” on the construction of their future home. No skills are required. Transportation to the work site is available for interested students.

Monthly Service

UB Catholic gathers students together approximately once a month for student-led volunteer service in and around Buffalo. Past service opportunities include:

Min-i-mmersion Experiences

The Service-Immersion Program invites students to encounter the world around them and engage with some of the most marginalized of our society. By encountering marginalized populations, students are encouraged to grow in these values both personally and in the way they respond to challenging issues of our time.

For Spring 2018 we traveled to Philadelphia, PA to work with St. Francis Inn. Volunteers built relationships, volunteered in a thrift store, staffed a soup kitchen, and performed other works of mercy in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.

Watch here for upcoming immersion experiences! More info in October 2018.