Advent 2020 As we wait…

Making Advent meaningful when we can’t gather together with our extended families may be a challenge but we hope to share great ideas to use with your immediate family and to engage those you cannot be “near” this season.  Head to our Formation Facebook @ page everyday for more  resources:

Week Two- 7 more ideas to try!

  1. Spend time thinking about how you spent the day today. Was it uplifting to your spirit?
  2. Reach out to a friend who could use some encouragement. Being a blessing or helping someone find their own gifts and talents can change someone’s life!
  3. Talk to the blessed Mother on her feast day today. What is she asking you to say yes today?
  4. Take a time out. Just be for 30 minutes and rest your weary soul.
  5. John the baptizer humbled himself to live as a witness to the coming Christ.
  6. Appearances have always mattered. Jesus spoke to us of the need to ignore appearances and see with his eyes. How can we look beyond the seasonal surface and find the true meaning of Christmas.
  7. God has always kept his promises by sending messengers to his people. Today we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego. She chose to appear not to the rich or powerful, but instead to an indigenous person of Indian birth, who converted to Christianity. Our Lady spoke to him in his native tongue and told Juan to bring roses with him to prove to the bishop that he was telling the truth. Though it was winter he did as directed and gathered roses. When with the bishop, as the roses fell out of his cloak, the vision of the Lady was visible on his cloak. Where have you experienced a miraculous and unexplainable faith moment?

Week Three- 7 more ideas to try!

  1. Watch a movie that inspires you or makes you laugh! Be joyful.
  2. Recognize that in tough times, we allow God through and listen because we need to rely on Him. Listen to a song that helps you thank Him. “Jesus Take the Wheel”, “Amazing Grace”, “Lessons and Carols” or “Unanswered Prayers” inspire us.
  3. Tonight would be our parish penance service. Take a few moments and ask God to forgive you and Sing OUT! Put on the Christmas Carols and sing praises for the gift of forgiveness.
  4. The legacy of our salvation history is one of generosity and love. Ditch your comfort zone and show some love today (in a safe and socially distanced manner of course!)
  5. Play today. God does not only show up when we are on our knees. Make some time to play outside in some way or just have some fun. Share a silly photo on your social media or a happy memory.
  6. Give of yourself in some way to day. In this season of giving share of yourself.
  7. Traveling like the Magi is not going to be ok this year, but take a virtual field trip today. The world is at your fingertips!