January is Human Trafficking Month



National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  Since 2010, January has been declared National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month by presidential proclamation. This is an excellent opportunity for all of us to raise awareness about human trafficking which affects more than 40 million people worldwide, particularly on how this crime can be prevented.   Learn about the Coalition of Catholic Organizations against Human Trafficking (CCOAHT) at Justice for Immigrants: https://bit.ly/36Q6riU  Throughout the year, the CCOAHT works to eliminate the plight of trafficked victims, advocates for stronger legislation, promotes survivor-centered services for victims, and raises public consciousness through grass roots action. Interested in becoming a member? Learn more at CCOAHT: https://bit.ly/3oVMehO.

Join in the [@USCSAHTraffic (Twitter) @SistersAgainstTrafficking (Facebook)] campaign envisioning “An Economy Without Human Trafficking” by downloading this sign, writing in your vision, taking a picture with your message, and sharing on social media with #EconomyWithoutTrafficking and #EndHumanTrafficking.  Trafficking cases are increasing under COVID-19, as traffickers prey upon people experiencing heightened vulnerabilities linked to pandemic-related lock downs, stay at home orders, and job loss.

New York State Human Trafficking Event: The Brooklyn, Suffolk County, and Western District of NY Human Trafficking Task Forces will host a collaborative virtual training during Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The New York Statewide training will educate law enforcement, medical professionals, and the community on how to better identify and serve survivors of human trafficking. JUSTICE (Jan. 25) Investigators, prosecutors, and analysts: learn how to respond to human trafficking in your jurisdiction; HEALTHCARE (Jan. 26) Doctors, nurses, medical professionals: learn how to identify and provide services to victims of trafficking within a NYS medical facility; COMMUNITY (Jan.25-27) General public, faith-based organizations, service providers: learn how to identify vulnerabilities to trafficking in NYS and best practices for community outreach and engagement. Register at: Brooklynda.org/htawareness2021/. These multi-disciplinary task forces bring law enforcement and social service agencies together throughout the state to identify and investigate human trafficking, utilizing a victim centered and trauma informed approach. Visit the local Western District website: https://www.wnytrafficking.org.