Every person has a fundamental right to life and a right to those things required for human decency. While a public debate in our nation is often divided between those who focus on personal responsibility and those who focus on social responsibilities, our tradition insists that both are necessary. All people have the right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Corresponding to those rights are duties and responsibilities to respect the rights of others and work for the common good.

The parish VOICE Core Team operates on two levels. First, the team members work with 50+ core teams, collaborating to transform the City of Buffalo through grassroots efforts to address policies and practices that negatively impact the local community, currently in Neighborhood Redevelopment, Restorative Justice/Criminal Justice, and Workforce Development.  On a parish level, the committee members focus their work on restorative justice practices to build community, address conflict, or reach a decision about neighborhood issues, such as safety, housing, and student/resident/UB relations. Typically, the team meets monthly.

St. Joseph’s Committee against Gun Violence.
This sub-committee began in response to the concern about the number of gun related incidents in our community as well as in the country.  Their role is to educate the parish about gun violence statistics/facts and possible means to reduce the violence. They meet monthly and have organized panel presentations which are open to the general public.  (They are not a branch of NYAGV although several of the members also belong to that group.)

For information about serving in one of these ministries or to sign up, please fill out the Ministry Contact form under Get Involved and someone will be in touch with you.