Rebuild My House Follow-Up session for Monday, January 28 has been cancelled.

Rebuild My House Follow-Up CANCELLED:

The Rebuild My House Follow-Up session regarding the Diocese of Buffalo on-going crisis scheduled for Monday, January 28 has been cancelled.  We as a Parish Staff     remain committed to this journey together with you as the living Body of Christ, the Church, to embrace our faith – to rebuild God’s Church in order to move forward      together with hope.  Since Pope Francis has called the presidents of the world’s   bishops’ conferences, the heads of the Eastern Catholic churches, as well as the Vatican’s  senior leadership to Rome Feb. 21-24 to discuss abuse and child protection, we have decided to wait until after the Pope’s summit to determine our next steps in this journey.  In the meantime, please know that all members of our Pastoral Staff continue to be here for you – to welcome, to listen, to support, to make referrals, and to help as best we can.