Volunteers Needed- Funeral Service Hospitality and/or Visit Refugees

**Funeral Service Hospitality Volunteers Needed: Most of us have had the experience of losing someone we love to death.  We know how much we appreciated any kindness done for us during that difficult time. To create a spirit of welcome and caring at St. Joe’s at our funeral services we are looking for volunteers to serve as ministers of hospitality. This would mean   arriving 30 minutes before the scheduled funeral to greet and direct people as they arrive.  Someone present at the double glass doors directing people from the parking lot down the ramp to the church, someone available at each door to direct people to restrooms and to answer any of their questions; this is the hospitality we are looking for. If you can help, contact Sr. Jeremy at 833-0298 EXT. 314 or jmidura@stjosephbuffalo.org.

**Volunteers Needed to Visit Refugees in Detention If there is any interest, we will hold a training session at St. Joe’s for those who would be #1 willing to accompany refugees to their detention hearings and/or #2 willing to visit refugees who are in detention. If you are interested in this ministry, contact Sr. Jeremy so that she can set up the training at St. Joe’s.